21 Spring Activities for Kids

Springtime means new: new adventures, new activities, and lots of new memories to make! Check out this list of 13 fun spring activities for kids to do with your kids this spring!

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Indoor Activities for the Spring

Stuck inside during a spring shower? Enjoy these indoor activities!

1. Play a board game. Everyone knows board games are entertaining. But they’re also great for building social skills, critical thinking, and sportsmanship in young children. Age-appropriate games that are easy to understand can offer a chance for little ones to practice cooperation and friendly competition. Whether playing a classic or a newer favorite, family game time creates cherished moments.
2.Make slime. Get creative (and a little messy) with a slime-making session. Simple ingredients like glue, borax, and food coloring combine to make everyone’s favorite colorful and squishy slime and provide hours of imaginative and creative play. Kids can experiment with different textures and add-ins, like glitter or beads, to customize their slime creations.
3.Do yoga or a kid-friendly workout. Yoga or similar kid-friendly workouts are a great way to promote physical fitness and mindfulness on indoor days. Yoga mats or soft blankets are all the equipment you’ll need to guide your child through simple yoga poses and stretches. Animal-themed poses or storytelling are playful ways to keep kids engaged and entertained while exercising.
4.Join the club! Lil Readers Book Club that is! Springtime is a great time to subscribe to Lil Readers. There is no better time to freshen up your at-home library. Our "Hop Into Spring" Box includes stories about a very hungry caterpillar, a busy bunny, impossible to find eggs, and the season of itself!
5.Hunt for Easter Eggs and Letters: Egg hunting meets letter identification with this simple game.
6.Spend Time in the Kitchen Together: A rainy day is a great day for baking. Make springy cookie sandwiches, fruity smoothies, healthy yogurt bark, or even this adorable bunny car.
7.Explore Resist Art: Resist art is a unique way to create art with kids. The end result is always a fun surprise. Resist art is defined as an art technique that uses several layers to expose or define a design in negative space.
8.Play Springtime Bingo: Has your preschooler ever played Bingo? We’ve got a special edition bingo card just for you!
9.Plant and Tend an Indoor Garden: Choose low-maintenance plants like succulents, herbs, or spider plants that thrive indoors. Teach your child about plant care, including watering, sunlight, and soil health. Watching their plants grow and flourish indoors instills a sense of responsibility and appreciation for nature. Gardening is also a lifelong skill that reduces stress and promotes health.
10.Write Your Summer Bucket List: Summer will be here before you know it! With your child, brainstorm some ideas that they’d like to try in the coming months, like day trips, activities to do at home, things to try, books to read, and more.
11.Color Together: This simple coloring page incorporates learning shapes and coloring. Help your child read the key and color each shape the correct color, so they can practice their shapes and colors, and strengthen their direction following skills.

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Outdoor Activities for Spring

Wonderful weather? Make some fun-in-the-sun memories with these outdoor activities.

12.Take a Walk Together: Exploring nature is the perfect way to stimulate a child's curiosity and sense of wonder. Take your little one on a hike or nature walk in a nearby park or nature reserve. Together, observe the plants, animals, and sights all around. This is a great way to nurture a deeper connection with nature while getting some exercise and fresh air.
13.Play Catch: Head to your local greenspace work on your child’s gross motor skills with an old fashioned game of catch.
14.Go On a Scavenger Hunt: Enjoy being out of doors as the weather begins to change and flowers begin to bloom. And spring through a child’s eyes is even better!
15.Work Together in the Dirt: There is something so therapeutic about getting your hands dirty and brightening up your yard with some fresh flowers – that goes for children too. Your kids will love digging in the soil. Nothing screams "SPRING!" more than the smell of dirt and mulch. Kids can choose seeds, help plant their favorite vegetables or fruits, like green beans or strawberries, and water the garden. Your children will love watching their plants grow and snacking on the fruits of their labor.
16.Beautify Your Flower Pots: Upgrade your flower pots with some art for the neighborhood to admire. Before you plant for the season, have your child use sponges, stencils, and paint brushes to express their artsy side.
17.Fly a Kite: Spring usually comes with a day or two of perfect kite flying weather. Head to your local store to find a colorful kite to fly or
18.Make a Windsock: Make a windsock to hang from your porch. Using cardstock, markers or stamps, crepe paper, or ribbon, decorate your paper with markers, stamps, crayons, or stickers. Then roll your cardstock into a cylinder shape and secure it with glue or staples. Glue crepe paper or ribbon streamers onto the bottom of the cylinder. Finally, add a string on top as a hanger, then hang it outside and watch it blow in the breeze.
19.Have a picnic: Picnics are a special experience for young children. They’re the perfect blend of outdoor adventures and tasty treats. And picnics can be simple and still fun. Pack a basket with sandwiches, fruits, and snacks. Then head to your backyard or a local park, spread out a blanket, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon together. Take some games and books with you too, and make a day of it!
20.Take a bike ride: Biking is a fun and active way to spend time together as a family outside in the crisp springtime air. Strap on your helmets and hit the local bike paths.
21.Play in the rain: Rainy day? Go out anyway! Put on those rain boots and splash in puddles with your little one. Let them experience the magic of raindrops falling from the sky, feeling the cool water on their skin, and dancing in the rain. Chances are, it’s been a little while since you enjoyed the magic of splashing in a puddle too!

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