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5 Ways to Welcome Spring

Spring is here! Here are 5 Fun Ways to Welcome Spring!
1. Join the club! Lil Readers Book Club that is! Springtime is a great time to subscribe to Lil Readers. There is no better time to freshen up your at-home library. Our "Hop Into Spring" Box is shipping soon and we have so many fun, new themes on the horizon! Learn more and start your subscription by going here.
2. Gather your friends for a game of kickball. Find an open field and invite your friends to play a game of kickball. Kids and adults alike will love getting outside to play a simple game of kickball. Enjoy a picnic with your friends after the big game! 
3. Plant flowers. There is something so therapeutic about getting your hands dirty and brightening up your yard with some fresh flowers. Your kids will love digging in the soil, too. Nothing screams "SPRING!" more than a freshly potted pot of flowers. Get your kids involved by letting them paint the pots beforehand and picking out the flowers! 
4. Make homemade ice cream or bake a pie. Invest in a homemade ice cream machine. Create your own concoctions by mixing in your favorite toppings! How about a candy bar medley? All your favorite candy bars and ice cream...yes! Gather your favorite fruit to make a pie. Use mini pie plates to make it even more fun for your kids! Keep it simple by choosing your favorite pudding to put into a graham cracker crust followed by a layer of whipped cream!
5. Make a windsock or fly a kite! Spring usually comes with a day or two of the perfect weather to fly a kite. Head to your local store to find a colorful kite to fly. Make a windsock to hang from your porch. Use cardstock, markers or stamps, crepe paper, or ribbon. Decorate your cardstock with markers, stamps, crayons, or stickers. Roll your cardstock into a cylinder shape and staple or glue it shut. Glue or staple crepe paper or ribbon onto the bottom of the cylinder. Add a string on top to hang it with. Watch it blow in the breeze. 
Grab your free "5 Ways to Welcome Spring" printable here. Print your own copy and see if you can complete everything on the list! 

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