Christmas Bucket List

Christmas time is my absolute very favorite time of the year.  I literally plan for it all year long.  I love the traditions we do every year, and the new ones that we occasionally pick up as well.  This year is going to look a little different than our norm, but I’m trying to find ways to keep our household festive and continue to build memories with our kids.  So we decided to sit down with the kids and brainstorm some ideas for a Christmas bucket list.  These are all the fun things that we want to do all month long to celebrate and these ideas don’t require group gatherings or a lot of public outings.  Remember the kids helped me so some of the ideas are a little silly, but hey why not?!

  1. Drink Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows
  2. Wrap presents as a family
  3. Christmas crafts (see Pinterest for a gazillion ideas)
  4. Decorate the Christmas Tree
  5. Decorate the yard
  6. Pictures with Santa (Bass Pro Shop did an amazing job of socially distanced photos with Santa- plexiglass barrier and everything)
  7. Daddy dress up as Santa and give the kids a present (the kids obviously thought this one up)
  8. Grinch movie night with green popcorn (or mix in some green m&m’s)
  9. Play in the snow (We live in Texas so wishful thinking)
  10. Build a snowman
  11. Make ornaments
  12. Eat Christmas themed food (Owen requested a snowflake shaped poptart)
  13. Bake and Leave Santa cookies
  14. Make Gingerbread houses
  15. Sing Christmas songs together
  16. Snowball fight (again we live in Texas so this may be a cotton ball fight)
  17. Tell Christmas stories
  18. Make a fire in the fireplace
  19. Make gifts for friends
  20. Drop of some toys at a Blue Santa donation site
  21. Send donations to an orphanage
  22. Watch a Charlie Brown Christmas
  23. Drive around look at Christmas lights
  24. Write letters to Santa
  25. Read Christmas books
  26. Send Christmas cards (the kids really enjoyed helping me put on the address labels and stickers)
  27. Make Reindeer food and leave out for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve
  28. Make Gingerbread house ornaments out of terra cotta pots
  29. Read Elf on the Shelf and wait for our Elf to do lots of fun things all month long
  30. Watch the movie Elf. 

I hope that our list has inspired you to make time to do some special things as a family this holiday season.  2020 has been quite the year to navigate through but we hope each of you still manage to find joy in the small things and remember there’s always reason to celebrate. 

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