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Creating Classic Spin Art

When I was little, I went to one of those school carnivals with the classic games and booths that we all know and love. While others enjoyed the original Sand Art booth, the Spin Art booth is where I chose to spend most of my tickets. (The cake walk definitely got the rest of them!)

There is something so mesmerizing about creating spin art. The mixing of your favorite colors. The anticipation and surprise of the end result. The cool, abstract design formed from the spinning. As a kid, I just loved creating spin art.

I wanted to show my kids how to create spin art with supplies we already had at home. This is where the salad spinner in the back of your pantry comes in handy! Today, I am going to show you our way of making spin art.

Here's what you will need:

  • Salad Spinner. You can find these for a discounted price at your local thrift store.
  • Cardboard or Card Stock. You will need to use a heavier paper. Thin paper will move too easily during the spinning process.
  • Paint. You will want at least 3 colors but the more options you have, the better!

Begin by cutting your cardboard or card stock so that it fits well into the bottom of your salad spinner. Add as little or as much paint as you want on top of the cardboard or card stock. You can choose to swirl the paint around or just squeeze your desired amount straight onto the center. This may take some trial and error depending on what design you want to achieve. Give your salad spinner a good spin. Open the lid and admire your design. You can add more paint and spin it again if you want your art to have additional paint or colors.

Place your art on a flat surface until it is completely dry. Drying time will vary depending on how much paint you used.

Tip: You can use this to create any holiday craft or decoration by cutting your cardboard or card stock into shapes and using holiday themed colors!

There are so many combinations you can try that makes spin art the perfect craft to keep your kids entertained and creating.

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