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Favorite Snow Globe Stories with Easy Craft Tutorial

There is something so mesmerizing about looking into a snow globe. Allowing your kids to envision themselves inside one is a great opportunity to spark up their imaginations. What would they be doing inside of a snow globe? What is their favorite part about a snow globe? What wish would they make upon their own snow globe? 

Here are the stories about snow globes that I like to read along with creating the craft below.

Favorite Snow Globe Stories


Snow Globe Wishes by Erin Dealey

As the worst snow storm of the year rolls in, one family hunkers down together in a cozy blanket fort for the night. A little girl makes a wish on a snow globe and, in the morning, the sun rises on a winter wonderland--beckoning all outside. And what if, on this snow-filled day, families shake their busy lives and everyone goes out to play? A lyrical holiday story about wishes and community and snow--lots and lots of snow.

The Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Connor

Oh, when will it snow again? wonders the little family who lives in the snow globe. They long for a snowstorm? if only someone in the big family would pick up the snow globe and give it a shake. Baby would love to. She notices the little family, but the snow globe is too high for her to reach. But then Baby is alone during a snowstorm. Will the snow globe family get a chance to go sledding, too?

Easy Snow Globe Craft

Here's what you will need: 

  • Colored paper, two different colors
  • White paper 
  • Printed photo of your kid
  • Scarf and pretend snowball, optional
  • Laminating sheet and laminator, optional 

Start by taking a photo of your kid. Dress them up with a scarf or a hat. Give them a pretend snowball to hold. They can even act like they are throwing it with an expression on their face for some added fun. After you have printed the photo, cut around the outline of your kid so there is no background remaining.

TIP: You can also use stickers of people, animals, snowflakes, or even snowmen to fill your snow globe.

Use this template as a guide to cut the circle and base of your snow globe. Grab your template by clicking here. This part can be done by your kid but they may need assistance. 
Give your kid a white piece of paper to tear into small pieces. This will become the snow for their snow globe. 

Now it is time for your kid to glue down their photo onto the circle. Glue the base of the snow globe so it overlaps the circle and the photo by just a small amount. If you want your snow globe to be clear, you do not need to cut the circle from the template. Add the photo to your lamination sheet and place the base of the snow globe over the bottom of the photo. You will then cut the circle shape to your snow globe after you laminate it. 

You can now glue down each of the snow pieces. 

If you are making a clear snow globe, just place the paper pieces in a circle shape onto your lamination sheet.

Once you are finished, you can then let it dry and run it through the laminator. 

This snow globe craft is super easy for your kids to make. Plus, it can be a fun keepsake to display over the Christmas and winter seasons.

Another fun alternative is to marble paint your circle before adding the photo. Place the circle into a container with a lid. Add a small dab of paint and a couple marbles or a ping pong ball. Let your kid roll the ball through the paint until it creates a "snowstorm" effect.

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