Lil Readers Book Club Box Review: The Camping Box

Lil Readers Book Club Box Review: The Camping Box

Join us at the campground for a night under the stars! This Lil Readers Book Club box review is all about camping! To order your own Lil Reader's Camping Box, go here. 

Join the club! Lil Readers Book Club is a monthly box delivered right to your door. It features a different theme every month and gets your kids excited about reading and using their imaginations! Start your own subscription to Lil Readers Book Club here.

Open your Lil Readers box and this is what you will see. Each box comes with a workbook/parent guide, 3 themed books, and ready-to-go supplies for completing the crafts and activities. Everything is pre-packed and organized which makes it easy for you to complete your box with your kid. Open the parent guide to get started!

The three books featured in this box are all about camping adventures with different characters. 

Fred and Ted Go Camping by Peter Eastman

Fred and Ted are going camping. The only problem? They are complete opposites. This story is humorous and a great introduction to opposites for kids!

Peg + Cat: The Camp Problem by by Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson 

Peg, Cat, and friends head to camp where they are challenged with a Battle of the Bunks contest! Which team is more competitive? Will their bunk win? 

P.J. Funnybunny Camps Out by Marilyn Sadler and Roger Bollen 

P.J. Funnybunny doesn't think camping is for girls. His friends, Donna and Honey, are about to prove him wrong!

Here are some fun activities that you will find in your box that go along with the theme this month. Each craft comes with step-by-step instructions on how to complete it.

Lantern Craft

A lantern is a camping must-have! Create your own lantern using contact paper and cellophane. Hang it in your window to make it glow! 

Bird Feeder Craft

Camping is the best place to spot wildlife! Make a birdfeeder and see if any birfs come to visit. 

Night and Day Campsite Craft

This fun craft is a fun way to show the different scenes of night and day that you would experience while camping. Spin your plate around to change it from day to night. 

Campfire Hands Craft 

Create your own campfire using your hands!  

Inspires a life-long love of reading by subscribing to Lil Readers Book Club. Lil Readers comes with 3 books, related crafts and activities, and a workbook/parent guide. Lil Readers is a great tool in inspiring kids to use their imaginations. 

Start your own subscription to Lil Readers Book Club here to receive your own box every month or purchase your own Camping-themed box by going here

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