Lil Readers Book Club Box Review: The Froggy Box

Lil Readers Book Club Box Review: The Froggy Box

Flies and lily pads and frogs...oh my! This Lil Readers Book Club box review features our favorite jumpy green creatures...frogs! Here is a breakdown of The Froggy Box. To order your own Froggy Box, go here. 

Lil Readers Book Club is handcrafted each month with a new theme. Each box comes with 3 books that your kids are sure to love, engaging crafts and activities, and a parent guide/workbook. Sign up today to receive a new box every month! To start your subscription, go here!

Each box comes with all the supplies you need to complete your box successfully!  Everything is pre-packed and organized. All you need are basic items you likely already have at home such as scissors, crayons or glue.


Here are the three books featured in The Froggy Box. 

I Don't Want To Be A Frog by Dev Petty and Mike Boldt

Frog isn't thrilled to be a frog until he encounters a hungry wolf who hates eating frogs! It is then that he decides being a frog isn't so bad after all. This story features the dialogue between a father and son that teaches you that it really is best to just be yourself! 

Bradley McGogg The Very Fine Frog by Tim Beiser and Rachel Berman

Bradley McGogg discovers that he has run out of food at the bog. He visits his neighbors to see if they have any food to spare to find out that not everyone enjoys the same foods as he does. 

Oscar and the Frog: A Book About Growing by Geoff Waring 

Frog helps his curious friend, Oscar the kitten, learn about the way things grow and change. Frog has first-hand experience, after all. 

Here are some fun activities that you will find in your box that go along with the theme this month. You will find step-by-step instructions and photos on how to complete the crafts in the Parent Guide.

Lifecycle of a Frog

Use clay to form the different stages of a frog's growth from the eggs to a full grown frog. 

Frog Puppet

Create your own frog puppet! Name your frog and put on a play for your family! What does your frog do? Does it jump? What sounds does it make? 

Frog Fly Catcher

Your kid will love making this frog fly catcher! Toss the fly into the air and try to catch it in the frog's mouth! 

Get your kids excited about reading by joining Lil Readers Book Club. To receive your own box every month, start your subscription here. To purchase a Froggy Box from our One-Time Box Shop, go here. 


 One-Time boxes are available while supplies last. 

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