Lil Readers Book Club Box Review: The Pizza Party Box

Lil Readers Book Club Box Review: The Pizza Party Box

Hot 'n Fresh Pizza comin' right up! This month's Lil Readers Book Club box is all about pizza! Share in our love of pizza with this fun box full of pizza books, crafts, and dramatic play items. To purchase your own Lil Readers Pizza Party Box, go here

Every pizza needs its own pizza box! Flip your Lil Readers box inside out to create your own pizza box. Get your box started with this fun activity. Turn this... 

 ...into this! 

What will you draw on your box? What will your pizza restaurant be called?


Each box will include a workbook and parent guide to help you complete your box successfully. It will give you more information about who we are and our goals for helping you complete your box. It provides instructions for each of the crafts, and is full of questions, tips, and activities to go along with the the books and theme of the box. Upon opening your box, you will see our featured books, ready-to-go crafts, and a folder with any paper items needed to complete your crafts. This month will include a few dramatic play items such as an apron and a chef's hat!

The three books included in your box this month are all about characters who make some yummy pizza's! What is your favorite pizza to eat? 

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) by Philemon Sturges

The Little Red Hen wants to make a pizza! She tries to convince her friends to help several times but none of them ever do until its time to eat it! In a surprising turn of events, they do help Little Red Hen with the dishes! 

Maggie and Pie and the Pizza Party by Carolyn Cory Scoppettone 

Maggie and Pie want to cook a pizza. Sometimes Maggie gets a little confused. With a little help from Pie, they end up making a very big, very scrumptious pizza!

The Princess and the Pizza by Mary Jane and Herm Auch

Princess Paulina really misses being a princess! She takes a shot at marrying the prince but ends up opening a pizza palace instead. 

Here are some fun activities that you will find in your box that go along with the theme this month. Each craft comes with step-by-step instructions on how to complete it.

Create-Your-Own Pizza

What kind of pizza toppings do you like? Create your own pizza but not to eat, of course!

Pizza Fractions and Fraction Memory

Play a game of fraction memory or work on matching simple fractions using pizza! This is the only time its okay to play with your food. 

Pizza Chef

Make your own pizza chef complete with a mustache. Every chef needs a chef's hat!

Pizza Playdoh Box

Create a mini pizza with playdoh and complete with its own mini box!

Dramatic Play

You will find a chef's apron and a chef's hat in your box. Pretend to run your own pizza restaurant. Use your create-your-own pizza to serve to your guests!

Lil Readers Book Club features a new theme every month and comes with three books that will get your child excited about reading. Each box will come packed with prepared crafts and activities making it easy for you to complete with your child. Start your own subscription to Lil Readers Book Club here to receive your own box every month or purchase your own Lil Readers Pizza Party box here.

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