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Lil Readers Book Club Review: Lovey Box

Lil Readers Book Club focuses on reading comprehension and growing a love of reading in kids. It features a new theme every month and comes with 3-4 books, ready-to-go crafts and activities, and a workbook/parent guide.

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This month's theme for Lil Readers Book Club is all about LOVE!

Upon opening your box, you will find a workbook and parent guide. This book is a guide to working through your box. It will give you more information about who we are and our goals for helping you complete your box. It provides instructions for each of the crafts, and is full of questions, tips, and activities to go along with the the books and theme of the box. You will see our featured books, ready-to-go crafts, and a folder with any paper items needed to complete your crafts. Let's not forget- the Lovey Box comes with the sweetest stuffed lovey, too! 

The books featured this month are all about LOVE!

Love Is My Favorite Thing by Emma Chichester Clark 

Love Is My Favorite Thing is about a dog named Plum who loves so many things- her bear, bed, treats, sticks, her people, but she especially loves love! Plum's enthusiasm gets her into trouble quite often but thankfully her people love her unconditionally. 

Love From the Crayons by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers 

Love From the Crayons features all the bright colors and how each color corresponds to love. Love comes in all the colors! 

Never Too Little to Love by Jeanne Willis and Jan Fearnley

Never Too Little to Love is about a mouse named Tiny Too-Little. Tiny loves someone who is Too-Tall. Tiny Too-Little tries to show her how much he loves her by standing on all kinds of things but it doesn't work out. Tiny Too-Little eventually finds out that you are never too little to love. 

Here are some fun activities that you will find in your box that go along with the theme this month. 

Let's make Mr. Hug.

Each craft comes with step-by-step instructions on how to complete it.

First, you will find each of the items needed to complete Mr. Hug.

Step 1: Grab the construction paper and cut 4 equal strips. 
Step 2: Fold the pieces in an alternating pattern to make them look like a spring.
Step 3: Glue each piece to the back of the hear to create Mr. Hug's arms and legs.
Step 4: Glue two googly eyes onto the heart. Finish Mr. Hug by drawing on a face.
Introducing Mr. Hug:

Learn how to make a heart ornament. Twist the included pipe cleaner into the shape of a heart. Add the beads and ribbon. Hang it from your bag, doorknob, or key chain.  

This month's box comes with a stuffed lovey. This sweet Lovey is up for adoption. Fill out the certificate with a name and birth date for your new Lovey. Take it on an adventure and document all the fun you had.

Write a note to someone you love or are thankful for. Be sure to include why they are special to you with the included materials.

This month's Lil Readers Book Club Lovey Box would be a great addition to your Valentine's Day. It would make a great gift for the little Valentine in your life. 

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