New Year Time to Learn!

As the new year kicks off, many decide upon new years resolutions.  Some of those are health and exercise related, while others are aimed at forming healthy habits.  As a former teacher, I know how important it is to exercise the mind.  With the new year, now would be a great time to get your kids started in our learning program.  For students that are going to enroll in kindergarten later this year, this is especially important.  

When I was teaching kindergarten, I could tell which students had been doing learning activities before they started school.  Those students typically had greater success in their learning because they had been previously exposed to the content that I was covering.  Having a strong foundation of reading and writing skills as well as basic math skills puts students at a great advantage in their academic journey.  Anything that you can do to help prepare your students for academic success early on will provide them with a firm foundation for the remainder of their education.

The Preschool Box was created with my understanding of what is important for students to know going into day one of kindergarten.  Each activity and learning objective were carefully planned and aligned to what will best benefit your student.  I sincerely hope that you consider having your child begin their learning journey with The Preschool Box. 

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