Salt Raised Watercolor Art

Salt Raised Watercolor Art

I always love coming up with new, fun ways for my kids to create new art and this project is no exception! This is how you make Salt Raised Watercolor Art.

Here is what you will need:  

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Salt
  • Shape Template (Optional) 

Start by drawing any items you want to paint. This example is fall-themed so we chose leaves and a pumpkin! 

Trace your drawings with glue or you can free-hand them if you choose to. 

Generously sprinkle the glue with salt. 

Shake off the excess and let it dry completely. 

Once your drawings are completely dry, spray some watercolor paints generously with water. 

Add color to your paintbrush and lightly touch it the salt. It is so fun to watch the color spread throughout the salt! 

Continue adding water to the paint as needed as you paint your salt creation. 

Once your salt is completely covered in color, let it dry completely. You can even add color to the center of the drawing, using the salt as a border. 
Display your creation around your house! 

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