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Springtime Bingo for Kids

Spring is my favorite season in life and in teaching my kids. The learning opportunities that come along with springtime are endless. Grab this free game of Spring Bingo to play with your kids. 

TIP: Cut and laminate your cards before playing for longer use.

Here's how to play: 

Print and cut out each of the playing cards and the calling cards. Laminate them if you choose to do so. Give each player a playing card and some bingo markers. Draw a card and call out the item on the card. Place a marker on the item called. Don't forget to mark your Free Space! The first person to get three in a row and yell "BINGO!", wins! You can also play "blackout" where every item on your card has to be marked to achieve a Bingo! 

A few of our favorite bingo card markers include: 

  • Dry cereal such as Fruit Loops or Apple Jacks
  • Mini Erasers
  • Paint Dobbers or Dry Erase Markers (This option works well if your cards are laminated.)
  • Colorful Craft Pom-Poms
  • Bingo Chips 

 Grab your free game of Spring Bingo here!

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