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St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin and Letter Hunt

Four leaf clovers are hard to find but today, we're making it fun! Create a sensory bin with your child, print your own four leaf clover matching cards, and make it a game to see how many upper and lower case letter matches you can find. 


Start by creating your own sensory bin. Here's what you will need: 

  • Bin or tray of any size
  • Filler. This can be anything you have at home. Some ideas are: cotton balls, shredded paper, dry pasta, rice, or sand. 
  • Printable Matching Cards. This is a great way for your child to learn upper and lower case letters. 
  • Other themed items such as gold coins and mini black pots. This is optional but it definitely adds character and another item of play to your sensory bin.

Fill your bin with cotton balls and shredded paper. Add gold coins and black pots. Print and cut these four leaf clover matching cards. Tip: Print the cards on thicker cardstock if possible. It will help them last longer and make them easier to hide in your bin. 

Cut out each card on the solid line. Then, cut each card in half on the dotted line. 

Add the cards to your bin as seen below. Start in small batches (A-F, for example) and add more as your child masters matching upper and lower case letters. 

Take turns pulling out one card at a time. See who can find the most matches. 

This sensory bin can be a fun tool without the game, too! Challenge your child to see how many hidden coins they can find. Hide several colors of pipe cleaners and see if they can find enough to form a rainbow. The options are endless.

Print your own alphabet matching cards here.


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