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Teacher Gift Ideas for the Holidays

This year has been trying for everyone, especially teachers.  From schools being open one week to 100% virtual the next, from having to instruct some students in person while simultaneously trying to hold the attention of virtual learners, teachers are arguably facing the most challenging year the educational system has ever faced.  They are risking their health and that of their family’s in order to serve our students.  Virtual learning has also required them to use much more of their evening and weekend time in order to give your students the best possible learning experience.  Many parents are, especially for younger children, choosing to have their students attend school or preschool at home.

I can’t think of a better way to show them they are appreciated than by giving them a gift for the coming holidays.  I remember when I was a kindergarten teacher, I loved getting gifts from my students.  Even better, I could tell the students loved giving me gifts.  I remember so many times my students would bring me a gift with the biggest smile on their face, and were beaming with excitement as they waited to see my reaction.  It didn’t matter to me if the gift was big or small, but just seeing the joy they had in giving a gift made my day.  

When it comes to picking out a gift for your student’s teachers, you should ask your student what their teacher likes.  Many times teachers will tell students what their favorite candy is, where they get their coffee, or what their favorite restaurant is.  This will let your student feel like they have a bigger part in picking out the gift.  I taught at a school where there were many economically disadvantaged families, so I want to reiterate that it is never the price tag that matters, it is the thought that counts.  Here are some ideas, broken down by approximate price on what you can get your teachers this holiday season.  You may or may not see coffee under several pricing categories.  I’m not sure any of us could have enough caffeine in 2020 anyways. 

$5 or less

Teachers favorite candy

Gift card to Starbucks or a favorite local coffee shop

A holiday card with a handwritten message from your student


Essential Oils for a diffuser (Recommended scents for relaxation: Lavender, Rose, Neroli and Spearmint)


Gift card to Starbucks or a favorite local coffee shop

Insulated Coffee mug

Gift card to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond or a store like that


Diffuser for essential oils

Gift card to teachers favorite restaurant (or coffee shop)

Personalized gift (My favorite is a lunch box with my name embroidered on it I got my first year of teaching.  I still use it to this day.)


Gift card to a salon for a pedicure

Gift card for a massage

Remember to spread that holiday cheer and take care of your teachers.

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