The Preschool Box Review: Box 3

The Preschool Box Review: Box 3

The Preschool Box is a monthly curriculum that encourages learning, reading, and creativity in kids. There are 12 total boxes in our curriculum. Each kid starts at Box 1 and moves forward in numerical order. Here's an inside look at Box 3 of The Preschool Box. Box 3 focuses on Letters I-L, shapes, and AB patterns! To subscribe to The Preschool Box, go here. 

As you open your box, you will find all of the supplies needed to complete the crafts and activities successfully. Each of the supplies will be packed and sorted. Towards the bottom of the box, you will find a colored folder. This folder contains all of the necessary papers and print-outs needed for the box. 

Each box comes with a workbook/parent guide. The parent guide will walk you through teaching your kids the learning concepts featured in the box. The workbook portion of the book features activities that go along with the learning objectives for each box. 

You will find flashcards that correspond with the letters covered in the box. 

Your kid will receive a new book in their box every month! Our books are hand-picked by a former teacher. Your kid will love reading them over and over- which is great practice!

Each letter in the box is accompanied by a letter book that reviews the sound of each letter and words that begin with that letter. Reading this book with your kid several times is good reading fluency practice!

Letters covered in Box 3 of The Preschool Box include: I, J, K, and L. 

Letter I is for igloo!

Letter J is for jellyfish!


K is for kite!
L is for lion!



Let's learn different shapes! Box 3 focuses on four different shapes: square, triangle, circle, and rectangle.

Each box comes with a geoboard and a set of rubber bands to practice making different shapes.

Another fun way to make shapes is by using play dough. Box 3 includes a play dough shape mat to practice creating the outline of different shapes. 

The last shape activity featured in Box 3 is Pipe Cleaner Shapes. Form shapes with the pipe cleaners. Place beads on each of the corners. Each bead represents a corner of the shape. 

AB Patterns. Box 3 introduces simple patterns to your kid by making a pattern bracelet. 

Here at The Preschool Box, we pride ourselves on providing ready-to-go crafts and activities that save you time all while growing a love of learning in your kid! Many of the activities in our boxes are reusable which is great for skill building practice. Start your own subscription to The Preschool Box by going here. 

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