The Preschool Box Review: Box 5

The Preschool Box Review: Box 5

The Preschool Box is a 12-month curriculum that features different learning objectives to get your kid excited about learning and prepare them for grade school! Each month you will receive a book, crafts, and learning activities that build upon the skills learned from previous boxes. Here is an inside look at Box 5 of The Preschool Box. Box 5 focuses on letters Qq-Uu and ABC/ABB patterns. To subscribe to The Preschool Box, go here. 

The Preschool Box comes ready-to-go with all of the supplies needed to complete your box. Toward the bottom of your box you will find a colored folder that contains all of the print outs needed for the crafts and activities. 

Inside your box you will find a book, flashcards that correspond with the letters covered in the box, and a parent guide that makes it easy for you to teach your child. A portion of the Parent Guide features activities that go along with the learning objectives for each box. 

You will receive a new book every month! This is a great way to fill your at-home library with books that your kid will love reading over and over! 

Each letter in the box is accompanied by a letter book that reviews the sound of each letter and words that begin with that letter. Reading this book with your kid several times is good reading fluency practice!

Letters covered in Box 5 include: Q, R, S, T, and U. 

Q is for Queen 

R is for Rain

S is for Snowman

T is for Turkey

U is for Umbrella

Let's learn different patterns! Box 5 covers ABC and ABB patterns. 

Box 5 introduces ABC and ABB patterns by using popsicle sticks and pom poms, pattern squares, and mini erasers. Your kid will have an opportunity to learn about and create different patterns. 

The Preschool Box is a great way to show kids that learning can be fun! We pride ourselves on providing curriculum that is easy-to-use and a great way to spend one-on-one time with your kid! To join in on the fun and start your own subscription, go here! 

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