The Preschool Box Review: Box 7

The Preschool Box Review: Box 7

Have you ever wondered what comes in The Preschool Box? What about boxes further into our curriculum? This is an unboxing of Box 7 of The Preschool Box. Not yet a subscriber? Go here to sign up and receive your first box in our next shipment! 

The Preschool Box is a 12-month curriculum. Each box comes with a book, fun and engaging crafts and activities that focus on the skills from the box, and a workbook/Parent Guide. Every box features different learning objectives that build upon each other. The Preschool Box will help prepare your child for kindergarten and get them excited about learning! 

Let's take a peek at Box 7! Learning Objectives for Box 7 include vowels, beginning sounds, 3-D shapes, ordinal numbers, and comparing quantities.

The best part is that each box comes with a Parent Guide to help you teach your child all of the objectives in that specific box! 

You will receive a new book every month. This is a great way to build your at-home library. Your kids will love receiving a new book to read over and over- which is great for reading fluency practice! 

Box 7 introduces vowels and how they can make more than one sound! 

Vowel Letter A is for Alien 

Vowel Letter E is for Eagle
Vowel Letter I is for Ice Cream
Vowel Letter O is for Orange
Vowel Letter U is for Unicorn
More fun activities included in Box 7! 
3-D Shapes
Box introduces 3-D shapes. Your kid will learn the different attributes of each shape; faces, edges, and vertices or corners. 
Vowel Owls 
Create your own "Vowel Owls" to learn and practice each vowel. 
Comparing Quantities Alligator Game 
This fun game is a great way to learn the value of quantities! Which side has more pom poms? Which one will the alligator eat? 
Beginning Sound Cards 
Let your child form words using the letter magnets included in this box. 
Two Vowels Go Walking Activity
This activity will review the sound that each vowel makes and that "when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking!"
The Preschool Box is a great way to show kids that learning can be fun! We pride ourselves on providing curriculum that is easy-to-use and a great way to spend one-on-one time with your kid! To start a subscription to receive your own Box 1, go here.

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