What's Inside a Pumpkin? Activity with Free Printable!

What's Inside a Pumpkin? Activity with Free Printable!

What's inside a pumpkin? Pumpkin exploration is fun, but slimy, and good for sensory play! Grab your free "What's Inside a Pumpkin?" printable here. 

Grab a small pie pumpkin for this activity. I like to use a smaller sized pumpkin so my child can hold the pumpkin. Start by letting your child feel the outside of the pumpkin, including the stem. Explain how it is rough and bumpy and maybe a little dirty. Open your pumpkin and let your child look inside. Let them take in the smell and even the slimy feel of the pulp and seeds. 

Scrape out the inside of the pumpkin and put it into a baggy. This will help your child really be able to see and touch what is inside! 

Now, let's recreate what is inside your pumpkin!

Here's what you need: 

Begin by printing out your pumpkin on orange paper. Cut out the pumpkin shape. Fold the pumpkin where the stems meet.

Add glue to both sides of the pumpkin. Cut the yarn into small strips, around 1" long. Set it on top of the glue and press lightly.

Add the pumpkin seeds! 

Let it dry completely. You can then open and close it as you explain to your child the similarities between the real pumpkin and theirs. 

Make your own "What's Inside a Pumpkin?" craft by using this free printable.

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