Words of Affirmation Idea for Kids

Words of Affirmation Idea for Kids

We all need to be built up everyday! Words of affirmation for kids are a good way to connect, instill confidence, and enjoy other positive outcomes.

Small strips of paper are taped to a white interior door. The black writing on each slip says an affirmation, such as "you are funny," "you are humble, "you are loved," and "you are smart."

This is the door we use the most as we leave our home.

Each morning before we head out, I pick three things to tell each of my kids. The world will tell our kids a lot of untrue things. It’s our job as parents to combat those lies with truth. It starts in our homes.

So far my two youngest have really loved it. (Who doesn’t want nice things spoken over them?) My nine year old has been a bit reluctant because I think he thinks it’s silly. He’ll warm up to it. What he doesn’t know now – but hopefully will in the future – is that these aren’t just words, but rather important building blocks for self confidence. 

I know every parent wants to build up their child, but sometimes life gets in the way. I’m sharing a visual daily affirmation practice that you can enjoy with your children. It was super easy to make and I plan to add to it.


What are positive affirmations or words of affirmation?

Imagine a child who feels shy and unsure, hesitant to raise their hand in class or join a new activity. Now picture the same child blossoming under the warm encouragement of their parents, hearing phrases like "You have such a unique perspective to share" or "I believe in your ability to learn and grow." 

These powerful words, known as positive affirmations or words of affirmation, are more than just feel-good statements. They act as tiny seeds, planted in a young mind, that blossom into positive beliefs and self-confidence.

Positive affirmations for kids work because children, especially in their formative years, look to their caregivers as guides for understanding the world and themselves. When they hear consistent messages of encouragement and validation, it shapes their inner dialogue, the silent voice within that narrates their experiences. Instead of negative self-talk, they learn to believe in their own potential, fostering a healthy identity and positive relationships with others.

The impact of positive affirmations for kids extends far beyond personal well-being. A child who has established positive self-beliefs may also see improved academic performance, increased motivation, and even higher career aspirations. In essence, these simple words of encouragement can empower children to not only dream big but also believe they have the capacity to achieve those dreams.

The next time you're interacting with your children, remember that positive affirmations aren’t just fluff. Your words hold power. Each moment together is an opportunity for connection. You can sprinkle their lives with positive affirmations that nourish their confidence and help them blossom into their best selves. After all, a little seed of positivity can grow into a mighty tree of potential.

How to use words of affirmation with kids

The first step is to download your own ways to affirm kids. Print out this sheet, cut the phrases out, and tape tape the slips of paper to a prominent place in your home. Preferably, you and your children should see them every single day. For us, we taped these affirmations on the inside of our door to the outside. We have a ritual of talking through the affirmations before we head out of the house to start our days.

Think about the calmest time of the day and where your affirmation ritual can occur. I recommend finding a place and time where you can be present and give your child your full attention. This could be on the wall in your entryway before or after you leave your home, the bathroom mirror as you’re getting your kid ready for bed, or your children’s closet after they’ve picked out their clothing for tomorrow. 

The next step is for you to decide how you’d like to shape your daily affirmation practice. Will you say them together? Will you pick one out for your child and then they’ll pick one out for you? Will they repeat them a few times so they remember it throughout the day? Let your kids drive the conversation.

Give a few different methods a try. There’s no wrong way to do this – whatever feels most authentic to you and your child will make for a great experience. This is a wonderful way to bond with your kid. Don’t worry if you need to change or adapt your method so that it feels more natural.

Finally, make this practice an everyday occurrence. Speak these words of affirmation over your kids daily. They need to hear it. They need to believe it.

As you and your child make words of affirmation a part of your daily routine, you may want to add your own. Take a moment to think about what you want to encourage in your child. Write your own and tape them to your designated affirmation area. Here are a few to get your creativity flowing:

  • You are unique and special to me.
  • You have many talents.
  • You make great choices.
  • You are creative and have good ideas.
  • You are already enough.
  • You always do your best.

The sweetest thing happened this afternoon when my six year old decided to tell me some of the things on the door. “Mommy, you are smart. You are kind. You are strong.” I love seeing the small seeds I’ve planted begin to sprout.

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