Words of Affirmation Idea for Kids

Words of Affirmation Idea for Kids

Our kids need to be built up every day! Words of affirmation are a good way to instill in them positive thoughts. Here is something new I started with my kids this past weekend.

This is the door we use the most as we leave our home.

Each morning before we head out, I pick three things to tell each of my kids. The world will tell our kids a lot of untrue things. It’s our job as parents to combat those lies with truth. It starts in our homes.

Print your own words of affirmation here.

So far my two youngest have really loved it. (Who doesn’t want nice things spoken over them?) My nine year old has been a bit reluctant because I think he thinks it’s silly. He’ll warm up to it. I try to tell my kids these things on the daily but I often just forget so this has been a great visual reminder. It was super easy to make and I plan to add to it.

All you need to do is print your words of affirmation, cut, and tape them to the door you leave the house from the most. Speak these words of affirmation over your kids daily. They need to hear it. They need to believe it.

The sweetest thing happened this afternoon when my six year old decided to  tell me some of the things on the door. “Mommy, you are smart. You are kind. You are strong.” I love the seeing the small seeds I’ve planted begin to sprout.
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