✨ Art Boxes Ship Right Away! ✨

✨ Art Boxes Ship Right Away! ✨

Art Education
Delivered Monthly!

Our seriously fun & educational art boxes eliminate the stress & extra spending so you can focus on what’s really important – your child!


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What’s Inside The Box?

Each month box subscribers receive a new theme!

Each box is designed to inspire creativity outside the box!

Awards & Mentions


It's easy as A B C, 1 2 3--the Preschool Box inspires a love of reading, math, science and more! It's filled with fun so your little learner can unwrap the magic of learning!


Kid-tested & expert-designed to

inspire creativity!

Each Art project is designed to by a professional artist to help kids understand how art techniques can be used to solve real-world problems!


Oil Pastel Stars

Impressionism en Plein Air

Mouse Paint Color Theory

Texture Animal Collages

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5

For kids ages 3-5. Ships on the 6th (until the 15th for December) of each month..

The Preschool Box is bursting with 16+ activities in every box!

Each month you will receive a book, crafts, activities, and a Parent Guide that makes everything easy. 

Every box builds on top of the previous one.

Follow along step-by-step with the Professional Artist in Residence who designed this month’s lesson!

Give your kid the gift of confidence and WOW their teacher with what they've learned

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Build out the basics with your young student with PSB's easy to use instructions and fun activities--each box continues upon the last!


Let us deliver JOY in a box

Each month your child will learn skills to put them way ahead of the curve. The Preschool Box is shipped on the 6th of the month. Pause or cancel anytime.


Bask in giving the best gift ever!

Our boxes create lifelong readers, inspire kids to be curious, have fun, and love learning. Give them the best possible start in life, with us here to help!

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Box 1
Letters A-D
Numbers 0-5

Box 2
Letters E-H
Numbers 6-10
Sorting by size and color

Box 3
Letters I-L
Patterns AB

Box 4
Letters M-P
Numbers 11-15

Box 5
Letters Q-U
Patterns ABC and ABB

Box 6
Letters V-Z
Numbers 16-20
Same and Different

Box 7
Beginning Sounds
Ordinal Numbers
3D Shapes

Box 8
Letter Blends
Ending Sounds

Box 9
Letter Blends
Middle Sounds

Box 10

Box 11
Sight Words
Counting to 100
Skip Counting

Box 12
End-of-Year Assessment
Putting It All Together
Preschool Diploma!

Families love their Outside the Box Creations!

My kids are super excited when they receive their monthly box. This month we were surprised how much stuff and well organized is the box! Keep surprising and entertaining our kids. Grazie!


They had been fighting all day…because siblings. Literally, the minute our doorbell rang, the energy in the house turned to joy reminding us that our hearts sometimes just need a dose of creativity.  


I’m using it with all 4 of my kids at once preschool – 5th grade. Everyone is able to work on the same project at their own ability level. All the best to Outside the Box Creation!


Gift for grandson for his birthday, he just received his first one and it was a hit!

- Grammy

My granddaughter who will turn 10 in September loves getting Outside the Box art kits. She is very creative. After she follows along with the kit, she then uses her own ideas and makes up her own creation. She also goes back to prior kits and uses previous supplies for other projects. Very nice kits.

- Barbara Cultice

My kids have loved the first subscription box. The book was fantastic and the artwork was fun. They have pulled it out multiple times to create art.

- Ashley Krimmel

I ordered the summer boxes for my 6 year old grandson. He loved them, and so did we. The art supplies that come with the box are top quality, and the addition of a book and a special theme make these boxes exceptional. 


The customer service is prompt, kind, and helpful. I recommend this monthly subscription to anyone who wants to teach both art appreciation and hands on projects.


My children ages 9, 7, and 5 have all enjoyed these art boxes. I enjoy the ease it is to create such an experience for them, and the stories that come in the boxes are always intriguing! Awesome job Outside the Box Creation!! 🙌🏽👏🏽  

- Ashelley T.

Why Outside the Box Creation?

Made for Learning

Each month we’ll explore a different art material or technique with engaging projects that promote creativity.

Always different,
always fun

With monthly box subscriptions, you receive a new box each month, we ship on or near the 7th of each month. Insider’s Club members receive a new project on the 7th of each month!

Thoughtfully curated by artists in residence

We make learning easy and fun. Every month features the work of a professional independent artist who teaches real-life concepts that spark creativity among children.

What to expect from your art box


Quality Art Materials

All the high quality supplies that your young artist needs to complete their art project are included

Beautifully Illustrated Children's Book

Get inspired with an engaging children's book related to the art project and selected by Early Literacy Experts

Step-by-Step Art Tutorials

Illustrated step-by-step instructions that make art education fun!

A New Art Technique Each Month

Young artists learn to create with a new technique, concept or art material with each delivery

Professional Artist Instruction

Each art lesson is designed by one of our Professional Artists in Residence to help young artists explore new techniques and materials

Video Tutorials and More!

Every creation includes step-by-step video tutorials, ideas for taking your project further, and special tips from our Artists in Residence

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NOTE: Boxes will come with enough crafting/consumable supplies for each kid, some items are shared (i.e. books, flashcards, etc...).


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